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How it Works

What is a Sweepstake?

A sweepstakes is a type of contest where a prize or prizes may be awarded to a winner or winners drawn down from the collected entry pot! In this case, players will “Mint” a ticket and 80% of all ticket sales will go towards the prize pool. The winner(s) will then be awarded with their allocation of $CRO. Each winning ticket will constitute a share of the prize pool. If a holder has more than one winning ticket the amount of winnings received is based number of winning tickets held in the wallet.

Why do you need to Mint an “NFT” ticket?

Minting is the only way to participate in this contest until trading is enabled on Ebisu's Bay on December 3rd, 2022. Each NFT ticket will represent a country participating in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. When you mint a ticket, you will be randomly assigned a country. The odds of rolling your desired country are 1 in 32 for this contest.

How do you claim your winnings?

If you own a winning NFT at the end of the contest, your winnings will automatically be pushed to your wallet. Trading of the NFT collection will be disabled on a contract level prior to the start of the Championship Match. After the winnings have been disbursed, trading will be re-enabled on the contract in the event holders wish to trade or collect the 2022 Qatar World Cup NFT's.

Ticket Sale Allocation

Prize Pool


CroSwap USGF

20% (10% BBB*)

BBB: Buy Back and Burn

*CroSwap USGF allows us to grow the CroSwap ecosystem by funding new project development, host/hardware solutions, or any other cost associated with providing the services rendered.

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